Roll Up The Welcome Mat And Pick These 5 Unexpected Places To Stash A Spare Key

6 February 2017
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Keeping a spare key under your welcome mat is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Unfortunately for you, the welcome mat is probably the first place a burglar will look. If you're scared of locking yourself out of the house but want to keep it safe from opportunistic burglars, you may want to consider picking these five hiding places for your spare house key.

Hiding Spot #1: Inside Your Vinyl Siding

If your home has vinyl siding, you may be able to use this feature to keep your spare key out of sight, yet within reach. First, pick an area that's out of direct view of your neighbors or passersby, as you don't want to draw attention to yourself when retrieving your spare key. Next, find a seam that's large enough to discreetly slide a house key through, yet small enough to remain flush with the rest of your home's vinyl siding.

After you've found your hiding spot, tie a small length of fishing line to the looped end of your spare key. Make sure to pick clear nylon fishing line, as you'll want it to be as inconspicuous as possible. After attaching the line to the spare key, simply slide the key through the seam. You'll use the fishing line to pull the key out of its hiding spot whenever you need it.

Hiding Spot #2: Inside a Birdhouse

If you're an avid bird lover, having a birdhouse is a great way of bringing a beautiful piece of nature closer to your home. It also makes for a great place to stash a spare key. Simply place your spare key in a small plastic bag and place the bag inside the birdhouse. Afterwards, place a few layers of pine straw on top of the spare key. This way, your "guests" won't dig it up by accident. Be careful when retrieving your spare key, as you don't want to rile up any birds that happen to be inside.

Hiding Spot #3: Inside a Fake Sprinkler Head

Keeping your lawn well-watered can be to your advantage when it comes to finding a spot for a spare key. If your lawn uses a sprinkler system, you can foil burglars by burying a fake sprinkler head among the many real heads on your lawn and stashing your key inside. Following the sprinkler head pattern for your lawn can make your new hiding spot truly inconspicuous.

Hiding Spot #4: Under the Doghouse

Man's Best Friend can also be a great keeper of secrets, whether he knows it or not. A doghouse makes a great place to stash a spare key for several reasons. For starters, the average burglar is reluctant to mess with a dog, especially a large breed of dog that doesn't take kindly to strangers. Secondly, a doghouse isn't the most obvious place to hide a key, so it'll often go unnoticed and unchecked.

As you stash your spare key, make sure it's placed slightly above ground level to keep moisture and rust at bay. For instance, you can place your key on top of a wooden slab and place the doghouse on top. You can also place your key in a small, sealable baggie for extra protection.

Hiding Spot #5: Under the Deck

If you have a deck, you can put it to good use for something other than barbecues and backyard parties. Simply pick an inconspicuous corner of your deck that's out of direct view of the neighbors and passersby. When you've found your corner, drive a small nail through the wooden structure at an upward angle, and hang your spare key from that nail. 

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