3 Tips To Keep Your Home Protected

2 February 2016
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Door locks are one of your first lines of defense against intruders. However, with many ways to overcome standard door locks, you should consider additional strategies to keep your home protected.

Keep Your Keys In Sight

With the evolution of technology, you can never be too careful with your keys. You may assume the biggest danger is someone stealing your keys, but you should also be concerned about people who can sneakily take pictures and turn these pictures into physical keys. When you are away from home, make sure you keep your keys in your pocket or purse, when not in use. Even smartphones can take clear, crisp pictures from a distance, which can be submitted to online key duplication companies. 

Since it is easy to find a key machine that can duplicate keys in a variety of colors and styles, use this to your advantage. Consider having duplicates of your key made with holographic properties. The additional reflective properties of holographic coatings can make it more difficult for a camera to capture the shape of the key, especially in low light situations when the flash may be used. Sometimes dark objects are difficult to photograph, even with good lighting. You might also consider having your key duplicated in a dark color to make it more difficult to photograph clearly.

Use Locks With Additional Features

Consider installing a partially or fully keyless entry system for your doors. If you choose a partially keyless entry system, you will not need to use your key as often and are less likely to lose the key and make it accessible to thieves. With a partially keyless system, your key is used only for emergencies, such as a failure of the numeric keypad or you cannot remember the combination. A completely keyless entry system had the benefit of avoiding key duplication entirely. However, if you have an emergency, it can be difficult to override the system and gain access to your own residence.

Many lock manufacturers are making locks that you can rekey yourself. This offers you an additional layer of security if your key is ever lost or stolen, or you simply want the comfort associated with changing your locks more frequently. As long as you have access to a working key, you can rekey the lock to accept a new key within seconds.

Be Careful With Wireless Locks

There are many versions of locks that use some form of wireless system. For example, some are Bluetooth enabled and allow you to use your smartphone or other mobile device to gain access. This offers an extra layer of security because someone would need your mobile device in order to enter your residence. However, the drawback is if your mobile device is stolen, a thief may not have thought about gaining access to your residence. If they are able to access the contents on your phone and determine you use your mobile device to unlock doors, this could give them ideas.

An additional concern with locks using wireless technology is hacking. If you choose to go the wireless route, you need to take extra precautions to ensure all of your wireless technology is well secured. Make sure your home network has a complicated password, and you should make your network name invisible. Similarly, if you have a Bluetooth enabled device or lock, try to make them undiscoverable. Make sure you use software or services to automatically lock your mobile device and make information inaccessible if your mobile device is lost or stolen.

Home security goes beyond using your locks. You need to keep your keys protected from sneaky methods of duplication and consider implementing technology to better secure your residence. So talk with your locksmith about updating your locks and for more information about increasing security.