3 Ways To Avoid Losing Your Keys During The Hustle And Bustle Of The Holidays

27 December 2017
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You have all kinds of plans in place, all different places to be, and so much to get done in a short time frame that you will be lucky to make it through the holidays with everything still intact. A lot of people face these same challenges during the holiday commotion, and unfortunately, a lot of people lose their keys somewhere along the way. Just losing one car key can cost you a lot of money to replace, and getting locked out of the house is not ideal when there's so much left to be done. Here are a few tips and tricks to remember so you don't lose your keys during the holidays. 

Keep your keys in your wallet or purse. 

Strip down the set of keys you normally care to only the bare essentials, like your house key and the key to your car, and create a designated spot in your wallet or purse to hold the keys. When you get where you're going, always put the keys in your wallet or purse before you leave your vehicle. As simple as it sounds, this alone can be enough to prevent you leaving your keys you would normally have to carry by hand on a shopping counter, at grandma's house, or over at the in-laws after the holiday party. 

Designate one person in the family as the key carrier. 

If you are like a lot of folks traversing from one place to the next during the holiday rush, you will be traveling with your spouse and maybe even your children. Instead of passing the keys back and forth and fussing with who will hold them, designate one person as the holiday key master that will always be in charge of holding the keys to your vehicle and your home while you're out. This prevents the possibility of one or the other of you forgetting the keys because you thought the other had them. 

Invest in an electronic key locator before you set out. 

Electronic key locators have come a long way from those basic ones that you have to whistle or clap at so they will make a noise back at you. Now, you can find electronic key finders that actually have tracking devices. You get a small keychain that you connect to your keys and this keychain transmits a GPS signal to your phone. All you'll have to do if you lose your keys is log into an app and use the tracker to figure out where the keys went. 

For more tips or for assistance if you've lost your keys, talk to a locksmith at companies like Ability Lock & Key.