3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Commercial Locksmith

22 November 2017
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Are you the owner of a small business? Have you been getting ready to move from a home office into an actual commercial location? Moving into a bigger office where you can start to hire actual employees is an exciting moment for any business owner. However, there may be things that should be done or taken care of that may not immediately come to mind. One of the first things that you should do before the actual move is to locate a reliable commercial locksmith for your business. The reasons for doing so are many, some of which include:

Rekeying locks: Before you move into any rented commercial space, you should have the locks rekeyed. You have no idea of how many people have had access to that particular key and who might have duplicates. Rekeying the lock prevents anyone from using their duplicate key to steal your valuable computers and other office equipment. Although you might initially consider calling the first locksmith whose number you can find, only one who specifies that they are a commercial locksmith may be able to deal with the types of locks found in commercial locations. Commercial locks can be significantly different than their residential counterparts, requiring different tools and experience that a residential locksmith won't have.

Different clearance levels: When you have two or three different types of employees who should have access to different areas of the building in question, the easy thing to do is to simply have a handful of employees with keys or codes that can access everything and have them unlock areas as-needed. But this can be extremely inefficient and can waste both time and money. If just one of those people are out sick or otherwise not at work on a particular day, there may be people who are unable to get to where they need to go. A commercial locksmith can offer solutions on having different keys, keycards, or codes that can access one area without that person being able to go somewhere that isn't allowed.

Installing security system: A commercial locksmith doesn't only deal with rekeying and replacing standard locks. They also handle electronic security locks and integrating them into the security system as a whole. Their knowledge and experience will allow them to recommend various locks and lock types based on your business's needs. Although you might be thinking that you need one type of lock on your security system, a different type of lock may be best. The locksmith will explain the pros and cons of the different locks that may be used so that you can better decide which one you want to have installed.