Three Steps To Take When You Are Locked Out Of The House

9 March 2017
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Running out of the door when you are in a hurry and finding out that your keys are still inside of your house can be quite a hassle. With your keys inside, you will not be able to unlock the door to get inside to get them. There are a few options available to you when you lock yourself out of the house, though. The guide below walks you through the steps to take to get into your home as quickly as possible.

Call Someone Who Has a Spare Key

The first thing you need to do is contact anyone who has a spare key to your home. Ask them to bring it to you as quickly as they can. If you have not given anyone a spare key to your home, you may want to consider hiding one around your home discretely in the future in case this type of situation arises again. Many people choose to hide keys in medicine bottles and glue rocks or pine cones to the tops of the bottles. The bottles can then be buried into the ground and people can only see the rock or pine cone and not know that there is a key hidden under it.

Contact a Locksmith

If there is no spare key to be found, contact a locksmith right away. Let them know where your home is located and the situation that is at hand. The locksmith may ask what types of doors you have on your home to determine if one may be easier to open than another. There are times when opening a sliding glass door may be easier than opening a high-quality lock.

Do Not Rush the Locksmith

Once the locksmith arrives, it is important to have patience. They will work as quickly as they can because they get paid per job that they do and want to be able to do as many jobs as they can in a day. Stay out of the way so that they can focus on what they are doing unless they ask for your help with holding their tools or a light.

Once the door is opened, you will have to pay the locksmith right away. Some locksmiths only take cash, so it is important to specify when you call the company that you only have check or credit on you at the time so that they can choose how they want to accept payment. Some companies will take a card over the phone.

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