Three Things To Know Before Contacting An Auto Locksmith

22 February 2017
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If you've lost your car keys, or locked them inside your car, it's easy to panic. However, it's best to remain calm and consider your options. It's never fun to experience this type of emergency, but the good news is there are locksmiths that specialize in auto lockouts and car lock problems that can have you on your way in no time. If you find yourself in need of auto locksmith services, here is what you should know. 

Car Key Cutting

Key cutting is one of the most common auto locksmith services. There are a number of reasons you may need a replacement car key, such as breaking your key in the ignition or losing your car keys. Auto locksmiths can cut a variety of automotive keys for various vehicles, not just cars. You can have an auto locksmith cut a key for your motorcycle, van, truck, bus, or caravan, to name a few. The types of keys an auto locksmith can cut include ignition, door, and trunk. 

What to Ask an Auto Locksmith

When it's time to contact a locksmith, you'll want to ask a few crucial questions. Firstly, you'll want to know whether the locksmith is licensed and insured. Reputable locksmiths will have insurance and many will be licensed. Some states do not require locksmiths to carry licenses. Check your state's requirements. If you're in a state that requires all locksmiths to be licensed, you'll want to hire a locksmith that has the appropriate license. Locksmiths are required to present proof of liability insurance, so ask to see proof of insurance when the locksmith arrives. You'll also want to ask about the warranty period. If the locksmith does not offer a warranty, look elsewhere. Look for a locksmith that offers at least a 30-day warranty to cover unintentional issues with hardware and installation.

Cost of Services

Auto locksmith services vary in price depending on the type of vehicle, the type of service, and whether you need overnight or weekend assistance. If you lock yourself out of your car at 2 am on a Saturday, you can expect to pay a premium for emergency overnight and weekend service. If you simply need your door unlocked because your key is inside, you can expect to pay at least $50, while car key replacement may cost $100 depending on the model of your car. To get the most accurate quotes, be as specific as possible regarding your vehicle and ask if there are additional charges based on your specific circumstances. 

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